Amongst all the barbie dolls and ostensibly over-saturated designs there is this other philosophy that goes back to the essence of the cut. And it takes nothing less than a true technician to serve its purpose.

Angelos Bratis and his reputably draped designs earned him a Vogue's "Who's On Next Prize" back in 2011 and a full-on crowded Armani Theater, staging his ss15 show, as honorably decided by Mr.Armani himself.

Always true to the luxury of liquid fabrics and forms, his dresses softly caress their wearer with an apparent simplicity that is in full-contrast complex to synthesize. The way he magically transforms yards of fabric into shift pieces is a unique process and the signature element of his work. A skill hardly reckoned by the masses, but highly rated by few connoisseurs, one of them being Suzy Menkes. 

Having worked a tiny bit with Mr.Bratis on the preparation of his ss15 collection I got to understand all the above first-hand. Those and how supremely was the theme of the collection linked to the composition of every design. Straight out of Yannis Moralis's paintings, both the colors and shapes were the inspiration for a collection that is as intense as it is visually calm. In dusty shades with a few pops of blue and yellow, the color palette is Erotic translated in fabric.

Adorned with jewelry by Maria Mastori and visually concluded by the graphics of Stathis Mitropoulos the show made-for one of Milan Fashion Week's most highlighted and well-received moments of the season.