A visual journey through SS15' most interesting NY shows.

New York Fashion Week is the Starbucks of coffees. Refined, expensive and mainstream. And while no one does cappuccino the way Starbucks does, you sometimes get tired of the polo culture and burger kings of cloth making. It is in other words as essential, as it is boring, and you can't help but know all about it, season after season.


Casually clinged to its sportswear nature, Alexander Wang the brand proposes for ss15 what everyone else is proposing for the past two thousand years. and while the attention in detail and respect towards design is always there, it's the idea behind what he does that i got sick of more than yolo caps in astric purple. (sorry asos). not to mention how thirsty i am to offer him a pepsi cola each season, for boy he must be tired! tired enough to design horrible mass market products for h&m, sealing the fail series of designer collaborations, dating back to last year with les fringes horribles of Isabelle Marant. (oh and this look looks exactly like David Koma's debut collection for Mugler)


Definition: The twerk generation is rave re-visited with a tablespoon of sex in celebrity disguise.
Even though I have already grown tired of Miley Cyrus and the whole funky vision of Mr.Jeremy McDonald's Scott according to which throwing all things pop and colorful together is cool, I must admit I wasn't irritated at all by the combo. Miley walked down the runway with her sticking tongue and everything, the clothes looked the same as last year or the year before, selfies were taken and so on. 


Hood by Air is cool. Cool enough not to have a place amongst designers such as Zac, Donna, Diane, Tommy, etc. So before requesting a relocation, I will sum up the star wars, dog including collection of cool pieces that you so want but you haven't realised yet by saying the word cool once more. cool. cool. 


I have ten reasons why Thakoon is epic. And since you know I'm not going to tell, I will just let you google away reviews and images of his ss15 show. but i mean, god he is good. 


The clockwork oranged son of man over at Thom Browne caught my attention so I added an orange on top of his head to look like the son of man. And Thom should be hired by maison Schiaparelli, for a capsule at least (because I do like Marco Zanini, and if you don't shame on you). And I think I should stop speaking my thoughts as directly.


The awkward moment when Gareth Pugh stills by Lea Colombo look like American Horror Story promo posters. After moving from Paris, the eccentric designer decided to go all the way and twist the way shows are being held these boring, non the less, days. blending video art, dance, performance and fashion all together he managed to well.. create a rather mini buzz and have people still not get what the pugh woman will wear next spring. 

rights to the images used for all visuals belong to Lea Colombo, Elena Bartels, Rebekah Campbell.