After establishing the male image of the Saint Laurent Paris tribe as a seasonal landmark of  pfw , upsetting guests, critics, fans of the house, myself and pretty much everyone in this multi billion dollar industry, bad-boy Hedi, consciously or not, did it the McQueen way. He provoked, shocked, attracted and convinced most of us along the way, but throughout that trip, no one missed a look (neither resisted buying one). And that's the point after all, isn't it?

Slowly clinging towards the roots of the YSL dna, Mr.Slimane presented a collection homage to psych rock (or at least that's what the cards on the seats wrote) with the typical, poncho, suit, skinny-pants, camel-toe combination that I personally grew to adore. And in contrast to previous collections, notedely that for fall 2015, this time there was a concept greater than his ultimate obsession with rock n' roll music. 

It seemed like he went through the founder's Moroccan archives, grabbed a few textiles chew them up with some Texan frivolity and there you have it. An amazing collection of casually to-die-for pieces that when diverged by the notoriously good styling taking place, seem 100% wearable, desirable, manly, designer-worthy.  


original pictures used for this experiment belong to Lea Colombo for