He is cooler than London. And that's a lot of cool. 

I've been screaming he's the new kid on the block since last year, 17 and still under the influence of Mickey's House of Villains. And it's not like I'll grow out of it anytime soon, but until then I think I'll get myself a pair of mouse ears in the coolest form of hat you've seen the past 20 centuries.

Using the Disney fonts, some heroines (style dope situation) and heroes of times gone by (I'm turning 19 next month, gosh) he's turning menswear up-side-down boy-he-turns-it, with a specific taste in forms/shapes & materials, instantly recognisable; Abley trademarks that you cant's help but locate for the past three seasons on the catwalk of MAN. 

Buzzed and adored by cultural influencers such as Dazed & Confused, Love Magazine etc. he has created, so early on, a strong identity not to be confused with anything or anyone out there in the business right now. A contemporary visionaire that combines the art of graphic design with the irony of classics and the grace of a thus far under-exploited field; that of menswear.

With his last show for SS15 under the creative Umbrella of MAN, where Ursula got what she truly deserved (a fashion moment extraordinaire!), Abley is now set to show independently and rock our DisneyWorld one R.I.P sweater at a time!

® rebel visionaire experimental collages.