Set to educate the 21st century crowd on the Schiaparelli alphabet, Marco Zanini returns with his second collection for the legendary maison of couture, releasing Dali driven butterflies and bleeding hearts one killer trompe l' oeile coat/dress at a time.

Following a mixture of the 40s utility outline, pioneered by Elsa Schiaparelli herself before the 40s were actually a thing (it was around 1931 she introduced power-shaped shoulders), some 30s femme fatal maxi-ness, the irony and fun of the house's dna, spot-on styling and wig/hat artistry, this was a presentation worth a myth-rebirth of the Schiaparelli extent.

A romantic burst of iconic symbols that reached popularity, whispered nostalgically in a contemporary tale told for Elsa, without Elsa..

Cheers for Marco Zanini!

photographs used for this visual experiment belong to Jacques Habbah for