Major Life Update

The door that is said to have inspired C. S. Lewis's door to Narnia located near Oxford University, Oxford

It's been five years. Five whole years. Leonidas from 2015 would not even mention it. He would carry on going about his business like nothing changed. 

It would be cheesy to say I'm nothing like that Leonidas from 5 years ago and yet it's somewhat true. I'll fast-forward through those 5 years in no more than a short paragraph:

I graduated from fashion school with a post-studies melancholy and a gut feeling that the industry I was getting myself involved with was more toxic than my stomach could handle. I interned, lived the whole from a sketch to the press to production thrill. Bored myself to death over yards of organza and moved on.

The idea of graphic design as the dream job was stirring inside of me for years. At first there were the fashion illustrations for Magazines and then a few branding jobs. Worked in a design office for a couple of years, decided to step back and live the dream from scratch. London.

Jump-cut to February 2019. Staying at an AirBnB for a week, searching for a place to live like my life depended on it (it kinda did). 4/5 Universities have offered me an unconditional place in their Graphic Design courses. Central Saint Martins, always the tease, hadn't replied yet. I found the perfect flat, a part-time job and got into CSM in a week's time. Turns out, when everything you have is on the table (of an AirBnB) and there's literally nothing else you can do, stress just vanishes.

Greece was a bubble. A quite robust, opaque bubble. I never thought I could make it out of it, always dreamed I would. It's the easiest thing I have ever done, and the hardest. Greece is only a name. There are many Greeces in the world. They listen to different names. Oftentimes people confuse them with comfort zones, when prisons is in fact what they truly are. 

I have liberated myself truly from the agony of chasing the perfect career. I saw first hand that people's careers stand no chance in front of good character and a well rounded set of experiences. Doing what you love, doing things with love and going the extra mile for love is the currency to spend life with. I fell in love with plants. I fell in love with cooking. I fell in love with taking care of myself and worrying less about not being productive enough, on-track enough, whatever-enough. I fathomed what makes me whole and stoped focusing on what parts of me I like the most. 

It is with certainty, in these uncertain times, that I come back in full force, to widen the spectrum, talk about fashion through a different lens, food through the palette of an amateur stay-home-cook, design through the eyes of a student in love with his craft and culture through an Art Pass subscription for £0 (thanks Central Saint Martins). 

Till next time, stay safe, stay rebel and see you soon.