I'M LOVIN' IT!

"So the expectations are in, and if Scott manages to style/chic-en up his fun way of seeing fashion he might as well earn himself an “enfent-terrible” title, adding to the one given to Mr.Franco Moschino himself back in the 1980s. All we have to do is wait and see.." 

..and it was a couple of days ago that what I wrote about Jeremy Scott's appointment over at Moshino on  made sense and my expectations finally got flesh and bones and walked the Milanese passerella in an all American way.

Who better to marry the craziness and "bling-bling" essance of the Sicilian femme of the 80s with some much needed US-brought humor, underlining consumerism today, thirty years after the founder's ironic creations that questioned a hypocritical, show-off society in a decade that who you appeared to be was more important from who you really were.

Now Scott kept the in-your-face Moschino logos in place, and brought some food megabrands inhouse. Since the logo-ism from Wang's Parental Advisory sweater to Jacob's Coca-Cola one is getting bigger and bigger, who better to represent this movement than world's favorite fast food colusus McDonalds? Besides what a McCheese burger and Moschino have in common apart from both being extremely irresistible, is a huge M that of course Scott took advantage of to the fullest. Then some less wearable snack choices ranging from pop-corn and cream crackers to chocolate bars and dairy products and for the main course some lavish quilted ensembles in an all-80s skirt-suit formula with gold chain detailing. Speaking of a look-at-me while looking-at-me debut collection. 

Whether you liked it or not, all press was present, and all press spoke and still speaks of a show that brought back the fun and energy that Italian fashion was once famous for, all that by an Adidas-raised, American designer that has certainly raised the bar high. 

Leonidas Liolios