These boots are made for walking..

..and that's just what they'll do according to viral crave for the new It pair of coming winter. Wang did it again. His collection for fall 2014 was an absolute sensation that everyone still speaks of, adding yet another successful season to his résumé.

Ever true to the conceptual narration of the collection's backstory, Wang staged the show in Brooklyn. FYI That is half an hour away from New York, which only meant one thing. It just had to be crazy good. 

And if someone had to instruct you into forming this collection in a few lines, it would go like this:

Take an elevated version of hunting apparel. Add a few sportswear elements. Use leather like a spray-on graffiti stencil. A pinch of neon colors and a pair of to-die-for boots, and there you have it. A show worth all your savings and bank accounts, and I'm only exaggerating just a bit.

Not that I did not think of the first couple outfits too Schiaparelli driven (even though they were my favorite) with the pockets/drawers an all. (google Schiaparelli x Dali, Drawer dress) but I couldn't help but admit that it was great afterall. A true representation of the times we're in, for a catwalk show that is neither exaggerated for no reason, nor under designed, an intense problem I have stated before about his main line from which he has lost focus after taking over at Balenciaga. Now he is back in the game enforcing an ongoing trend that has started about a couple of seasons ago over at Dior, peaked with Chanel's bejeweled sneakers and finally reached wide range with his own layed back mix of "Celine" simplicity with a much needed twist to shake things up. And if I had to go by the rhyme that says "You're only as good as you're last show", then Wang would really be the best there is in the fashion arena as we speak. But then again it is his Balenciaga show that is last.. and who knows about that.. 

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