A world so still... it was set in motion 💙

Diane Pernet has predicted a shift from the catwalk to the 9:16 screen years ago and it seems Covid-19 has become that agent of change. Shows which undoubtedly have their own dynamic are until further notice being replaced by scripted narratives that can push the boundaries of creativity and offer clothes new meaning.

And while the feeling of surrounding yourself with the light installations of Thierry Dreyfus cannot possibly compare with that of a 10min clip crammed in your iPhone screen, video is still a powerful medium which seems more democratic and fitting for an era dominated by binge-viewing and reels.

This new reality has breathed fresh air through the musty ateliers of brands that up until this point lagged to translate themselves in the digital realm, while others, infamous for always rising above and beyond the occasion, did just that. The question is, what can be done in the case of smaller players whose budget had only dwindled as a result of the crisis that covid brought about?

Maybe the solution yet again lies in resourceful thinking and a positive attitude open to change.


The videos above are just a few of my favourite examples. I'd love to know yours.
Till next time.