If embraced by youth, it's a success story.

Take a few rare African wax prints, the cut of modern minimalism, sustainability and utter need for uniqueness and there you have it.  Kimalé

Colorful yet quiet, silent yet distinctive. You cannot really define the  Kimalé woman, but you know who she is, she makes sure of that, carelessly, just like the way she wears her silk/something cropped top, impeccably put together and worn by herself alone. 

The very minds behind the recently founded Greek brand make sure of that, as they only purchase the minimum amount of each textile in order to produce unique items to be embraced by unique women of unique style. 

At the same time, as if the logo-birdy wasn't moving enough, Greek-French Irène Mamfredos and her partner in crime Aliki Demi collaborate with French Org. "Les Piroguiers", aiding the construction of schools and not only, for the people of Togo and Burkina Faso. 

Need more? Well, they got exquisite, to-die-for backpacks, pouches, hats and headbands, and all sorts of textile-heaven-add-now-to-my-wish-list pieces of desire. 

Did I mention? 

Every item is unique. (and so are you).

(νιώστε ελεύθεροι)