Marc Jacobs's Swan Song for Louis Vuitton.

"Girls, they just wanna have fun"
We've all heard the rumors a few days ago. Shocked at first with hopes that they were just that, rumors, we 've waited for further news. And these news came in today along with a spectacular swan song for Marc Jacobs x Louis Vuitton in the form of a stunning show that was given, of course, a standing ovation. After 16 years at the helm of the mega-brand, Marc decided to depart for good and focus on his vision for the maisons that bare his name.

A huge stage was decorated in a black-swan mood, with glamour overtones. A carousel, a fountain, elevators and mechanic stairs set the mood to nostalgic as the models started walking up and down the sets. Stephen Sprouse's logos covered Edie Campelle's naked body as she opened the show, naked (in nude leotards) and chained, implying Jacobs following freedom after his last show for the Parisian house. Feathers and sheer blouses, a very 20s/40s cross Moulin Rouge touch to every outfit, in a very updated way that screams Louis Vuitton. Outstanding skirts and jackets embellished and dressed with feathers and velvet versions of the Sprouse logo. An ingenious marriage of Marc's past at Louis Vuitton, to seal its identity as he departs, in a swan song that we will definitely croon for a long, long time. 

It takes courage to leave something as big as LV. And for him, this must have been a huge decision to make. He made the brand what it is today, lifting it from its old, dated days, to this lavish, up-to-date label seen and worn everywhere. For the house, he was not only a creative director, but a full-on image maker who apart from making a name for himself, made the very brand a "Star" synonymous to luxury. But you see it is our times who demand such drastic moves, it is the demand and extreme consumerism that require "a step back" and I am more than happy that he did take that step. No one doubts that he has both the talent and the creative strength to keep on designing more than eight collections per year, but at the end of the day it's not the amount of dresses or pants you put out that counts, but solely their innovative value. To do that one must focus on less than three labels, one of them being as huge as LV, and with that gone, Marc has set sail for greatness in his own realm this time.

I always appreciated him, and always will, for he is one of those designers who somehow perceive fashion for what it truly is. An art form, with which we are supposed to have fun.

 And one thing is for sure. Marc Jacobs is having fun, and deep down that's what it's all about. Fun and Girls!