Angelina Jolie's 9+1 fashion moments.

She is the most Wanted woman on earth. Guilty for being overtly stylish, Angelina Jolie is a clear example of chicness and elegance. From her early days as Mrs.Smith to the 30s driven adaptation of a real story in "Changeling" she does not only make a statement on the red carpet, but also through the silver screen. Undeniably talented, wife to Brad and mother to six, she is currently the top billed female actress and a fighter for human rights in Africa and not only. Today we explore some of her biggest fashion moments..

Chagneling (epic movie)

Angelina the one from "The Tourist"
The Tourist.
From "Wanted". Fashion and action.
Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We crossed out the Mr. Just look at the Ms.
The leg. Angelina Jolie in Versace Atelier at the Oscars.
"Salt" red carpet.
From the red carpet of the "Inglorious Bastards"
"The Tourist" red carpet.