Cult label Converse teamed up with one of the most iconic maisons of the 90s, that of Maison Martin Margiela, creating what is meant to be the "It" sneakers of the season to come. 

Famous for the use of the Margiela white the house went on covering the iconic all-star sneakers with their paint, which far from being a symbol of the house resembles its very philosophy, based on anonymity, purity and lightness. But because an-all-white sneaker would be far from new, there is a very interesting design twist to it. As the time goes by, and the shoes begin to wear, the paint will crack and start to chip off, revealing its true color that is as unique as its wearer. The very color and its hue is a mystery which one has to solve by wearing the sneakers until they start cracking. 

What do you think? Will you get your own Margiela x Converse pair, or you are not that into fashionable enigmas?