The Hunger Games is and probably always will be my favorite book series. Apart from the genius story and plot a huge part of this trilogy is the fashion. Capitol, which is the capital of the futuristic America separated in 13 districts is a flamboyant version of the Cannes where people walk around in Capitol couture, dyed in pop colors, embellished with the most extravagant of embellishments and painted in the most surreal way. The
Capitol look is lifted twice as much this year with huge collaborations taking place after the employment of Trish Summerville , my single most favorite costume designer (J'adore her, she was the person behind the costume designing of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which I LOVED!). Some of the costumes showcased in the sequel of The Hunger Games, expected to air this November, are specially designed by Alexander's McQueen very own Sarah Burton. The world of McQ is totally linked with that of Capitol's for they share theatricality and the excess, lavish feeling of cosmic beauty, so I was thrilled to know. And now CoverGirl released a trailer in which a new line of products is being introduced, and they all are inspired by Capitol. A cosmetics collaboration consisted of a wide range of products, from nail varnishes and lipsticks to mascara and eye shadows.

I think I gave you more than 1 reasons to fall in love with the world of Hunger Games, and of course go watch the new movie coming out this November, for it will be epic!

Captiol Couture has it's own fashion, granting an ultimate fashion experience through the eyes of the creators behind the Capitol look! See for yourselves here :

Check out the campaign video for CoverGirl x Hunger games: