Interview with: Ms.Margaret Cruzemark.

Katerina Karatsoli is the face behind . She borrowed her nickname, Margaret Cruzemark, from a movie called Angel Heart (1987) in which her favorite actress, Charlotte Rampling, plays the role of an enigmatic woman, who lives half way between reality and imagination.

Margaret is the most influential blogger in Greece, featured in various publications such as ΒΗΜΑdonna, Votre Beaute and of course the British edition of I have come to discover her blog about a year ago and I remember since then that by the time I woke up, really early, to go to school, she had already posted her daily dose of style (no wonder why she is one of the best.. hard work, I've been told once, is the ultimate key to success). What I was thrilled to discover is that in the past she has co-operated with one of my favorite fashion designers, Tassos Sofroniou, whose clothes + label I adore more than anything! And despite all her success, and her media coverage, she is the most sweet and kind person, always sending you her bisous and calling you sweet bebe! I wanted to interview her for quite some time now, but it wasn't until this past Sunday that I did. She gladly accepted to answer my questions via chat and I'm very happy to present you Margaret or Dita as I like to call her, a stylish woman who exhales an energy from a different era, when gloves were de rigueur and having tea was not considered demode. Enjoy!