Style Crush : Rais Tsolaridou from The Style Agenda

What can I say about The Style Agenda ? It was one of the first fashion blogs i started to read and i instantly fell in love with Rai's unique sense of style! She's been my constant inspiration ever sinceand this is a little Q&A so you can learn a bit more about her and her amazing blog!

- What is your idea of happiness?
 Happiness is just a state of mind. I can find happiness in every second of my day, in every little thing. Just think positive and you will find happiness in every moment.

- What is your fail-safe piece?
 I don’t think of any piece as a fail just because everything can look so stylish if you combine it properly. As long as it concerns a safe piece, totally an oversized tank top and pajama style pants.

- What do you love the most about fashion?
 As I mentioned before, I love creativity and uniqueness.

- What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
There are many of them, but since I have to mention one that would be a dip dye black/red pleated maxi skirt from Coco’s Fortune.

- What are 3 things you have in your purse at all times?
 My mobile, an antiseptic and a cherry color lip balm.

- What is your inspiration at the moment?
 Pastels and florals. I know it’s too expected for this season but I can’t think of spring without those.

- A person you admire?
My mom, I totally admire her for so many reasons. She’s my idol.

- What are you listening at the moment?
 I am listening to The Heavy “ How you like me now?”