Destination Unknown.

Woodkid is like this creature made from blood and sand, with art running through his veins and an enigmatic soul. My first contact with him was visually by watching Born To Die with Lana Del Rey being directed in a divine way by Yoann Lemoine (Woodkid) and then I heard Iron. I couldn't perceive the majesty and grace it filled me nor I do or want to. I think all that is magical about Woodkid is that I cannot describe exactly why I adore him and what I feel when I think of him as a person.. and while I would love to meet him, I don't wanna solve any mystery for it is his property and I love that property of his just like it is my own.

I have a love for art in general and I don't know whether editing images and doing the things I do is considered arty but still I wanna put my work out there so people can see it and get inspired even at the slightest point. So I hope you enjoy.

                                     Leonidas Villano

No Turning Back.
Inner Sorrow.