Cause we are living in a material world, and I am a material (vogue)boy.

       Do not deny it. Life is all about clothes, food, objects of desire and sex, okay maybe some lovin' but still, materials all around. And while everyone is buried deep into this bubble of consumption, we, people of the fashion industry, are privileged enough to carry the King of titles: "Vanity no-lifers". Well thank you people, but I can't deny I quite enjoy a title that does not fit me.

So, I've been raised well I admit, I never starved to death or something, but that does not make me rich. While I would love to call Tisci and order a custome version of the Givenchy s/s 13 collection, I can only afford one of his plain t-shirts. And yes it would make me happy to own a jumper with Belladona on it. I would be the happiest vanity no-lifer out there and my people would still love me. Maybe owning makes you a no-lifer but what does not owning make you?? Am I bad because I want more than someone to love me and have sex with me? Am I spoiled? Would my life be more "Live" if I was living in an empty flat wearing nothing but a piece of fabric meant to be a sofa cover in a "Vanity No-Lifer"s flat?
No boys and girls it would make me nothing more than what I am. It would make me less, and it would make me something other than me. And if any of those complex-full people is reading this, which is out of the question since it is a fashion blog, then I want to let you know that we people who adore shoes, sweaters, pants , accessories and objects, expensive pieces of f*cking art, we do wake up thinking of our lives, cause we actually have one. We do text our soul mates every morning when we have one, we do go out with our friends and consume f*cking expensive Cosmopolitans because they are tasty and make our mouths feel good, we do have friends who love us for who we are and not for what we own, we do have jobs or at least a hobby, and that is surely not bullying people with higher expectations in life. Just so you know, your inability to desire things, and your constant need to put labels on people and not on your clothes give you nothing more than a life that lacks goods. And Goods are named this way for a reason.

Maybe, next time someone calls you a no-lifer you should wonder, is the person calling you a no-lifer aware of what life really is? If he/she is wearing bershka and his/her hair is a bird nest then feel good about yourselves cause you know you're living it big.

Material kisses, from a boy that loves life, for he can be touched by "things" both emotionally and physically!
Leonidas Villano