Fashion Expectations and YSL.

Hedi Slimane's debut collection for Saint Laurent Paris
   Back in the days of Mr.Slimane's debut runway show for recently renamed Saint Laurent Paris, there was an outburst of hate about the lack of creativity and design showcased behind a maison that has always been famous for exactly these things. While me myself agreed with all charges, lately I couldn't help but wonder. What is it that we actually want from a fashion house like YSL? Running #Femme for les than a month I have spent hours searching for clothes online in order to create an outfit. Somehow, even though I was against Hedi Slimane,  his pieces for Saint Laurent were actually the most practical, must have pieces in a woman's closet. Design-wise we've seen them before, but in a world of wild and mostly uncomfortable visions, for how long can we adore and wear Comme Des Garcons? Design or comfort? A simple well shewn white shirt or an over sized dress in color blocking blue and fuchsia?? What is it that women truly need? Is it indeed worth the time and the applause, when at the end of the day you don't get to purchase what you cheered up for? After giving it some thought, I finally made up my mind. The 2010s and 20s are all about fast fashion. Maybe when everything is served so freely, and when celebrities dare to wear H&M at the Oscars, maisons such as YSL must guard the the vision of the modest side of fashion, that respects art and innovation. Of course the quality of an YSL shirt is not the same as one of Zara's but then again, wasn't Yves too legendary to end up having his legacy compared with fast fashion design?

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