Cara Delevingne. The name that became a trademark.

Cara Delevingne is maybe one of the most talked names of the fashion industry right now, walking the runways of NY, Milan and I bet Paris one after the other,  doing Vogue and inspiring fashionistas, that cannot help but adore her. Now with her shares going higher than valentino red, (meaning the color not the brand) she decided to actually Trademark her name, just in case anyone uses it to name a product after it, like Mulberry that has a thing for naming bags after popular beauties (Mulberry Del Rey, Mulberry Alexa etc) . Doing that, a product now can only be named after her with her permission and I guess with a bunch of cash in her rising bank account. Delevingne, being only 20 years old has already a company of her own named Cara & Co and she has recently stated that she would like to design a collection of onesies or just a collection of simple-stylish t-shirts. Whatever she does, we love Cara all the way. You go get them girl!! xxx

Leonidas Villano