Burning Desire.

I drive fast... somewhere else with another version of your beautiful face. It's alternative and magnetic. It's fake. And I got this burning desire.. to touch you just the same, fake cold way you did so many times. Hurt me my Parov, tell me lies when I'm near you, feel me with venom, love me hard.. I got a burning desire for your sick mind. Your heart is colder than my winter soul. You burn my insides. And then I die.. and wake up, and I don't want you anymore. I don't need your sick mind. Not interested in your fake cold manners. Your venom is ineffective and you look uglier than ever, rotting from the inside out, unable to feel, unable to hold, unable to love, unable to have me. Your sweet prince, you can't have anymore. And I am free.. with a burning desire..
Leonidas Villano