Designer Profile: Benjamin Bertram.

Benjamin Bertram
    In my despair and grave need to escape today's freaky/mainstream fashion scene, I long before started searching for talent in alternative places. Not Just A Label, has been a source of creativity, so pure and captivating that I find myself scrolling through its pages endlessly, every single day. My first eye contact with Benjamin Bertram's collection Suburban Boys. was a few weeks ago when I saw a killer kilt that captivated my interest in nanoseconds. I clicked right away to check more of his creations and I think it was love at first sight as I remember saying out loud: "Oh my lord, I love him." And truly I did. Apart from the fact that the designer himself is super hawt, I think what he managed to do in less than 2 years is great. Not so many designers have a point of view that is so strong, so early on. British, Benjamin Bertram, graduated from Sheffield Hallam University, and started his own menswear line in July 2012. Clothes made for those who know who they are. Bold pieces of art inspired by the Suburban Subcultures and the British youth that defies the stereotypical rules and marks its own path, evolving along with its style on the way to adventure. 

Personally I cannot help but adore the designs, the fabrics and craftsmanship, and of course the allure of a collection that reminds me of the past time gladiators, reborn in this unstable era of changes to rule the world once more.. stylish and fearless..

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