The Blacksmiths of fabric.

Sometimes looking back is the most fashion forward thing one can do. It's really shallow to only think that fashion exists for a 113 years (since 1900) cause it has actually flesh and blood since the cave mans. So in my search for contemporary menswear I found out true innovators of the fields that drain inspiration from past times, creating simple and edgy clothes while trying to push forward the boundaries of design.  Gladiators, conquers, monks, assassins, barbarians and northern cultures inspire the artists I am happy to showcase in this article, resurrecting the allure of their statuses in a wearable, raw, yet very sophisticated way. And as the blacksmiths of the past created armors for men of their time, these designers are the modern times' blacksmiths, that use fabric and other materials to equip the explorers of today, with style, confidence and layers of luxury and comfort!!

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Leonidas Villano

Benjamin Bertram
Gareth Pugh
Ann Demeulemeester
Rick Owens