Let's all die. H&M goes Paris Fashion Week.

It comes as no surprise to you I guess, if you follow my vision from the very beginning, that I consider things in fashion right now quite twisted. There is the mainstream side,which I hate, and the very avant guard one that I love. With fast fashion attempting to ruin everything numerous artists of the fashion industry built in the past, and tired designers imitating Zara and H&M (sorry Hedi),  I cannot help but be afraid that the industry I am not even into yet is falling to pieces. While I know this won't happen for there are still some true innovators out there, it's impossible that I do not feel sick about H&M showing in Paris.. I mean HELLO there! Do you imagine?

-Hello Sir, welcome to the Givenchy show. Please keep in mind that there is an after event in which H&M will present a copy paste of the whole collection, just in case you wanna ruin an amazing house of fashion and help Riccardo Tisci commit suicide!! 
-Um.. Ok!

Tragical indeed, but not that distant from how things will turn out if fast fashion stores keep gaining power. Ok, give clothes to the people, make them stylish, but hold on! When did accessibly become harassing and damaging to artists? It's really infuriating!!
While I am curious to see who will attend the shows.. god imagine Wintour sitting next to Alt, picking outfits for a new version of Vogue called, Vogue4Less or plain Vogueless (laughs).. now seriously I do not think that serious people will go to the show, or I wish, I don't know. However I must admit! H&M and their partnership with a fashion house each year is really creative and not harmful at all, but that is all there is to it.. so to make my point of view clear, I do not hate H&M for any other reason than I hate bershka, for promoting bad quality with low prices, copying collections and having under aged people produce the clothes.. (I actually analize how the fast fashion system works against everyone here: ( )

So I guess we'll have to wait and see for ourselves how things will work with fast fashion going to Paris.  (God whenever I type this my heart stops for a minute)

Leonidas Villano