Style Detective: Love is a venom

"Her man warned me several times. I've never felt like that before in my entire life.. I thought I was able to... but who am I to resist? Will I be able to just stand there and stare? Life is a game of love.. you cannot resist the madness of romance nor the wilderness of a rose disguised into a sweet creature of joy and laughter.. you can't escape the poisonous lips that tenderly take away your pain only to maximize it later.. the dope of being the one.. You just have to learn how to live in vein.. unable to see what is the femme behind the denim and jersey. I stood there till I saw her Louboutins right in front of me. What am I doing? Who am I? What do I want from a woman? Is it love or is it clothes? Is it sex or maybe just this look.. this  Wild  look, that kills me slowly, only to resurrect me and kill me again later.."
                                                                           Case Closed