J'adoreday #8: Melancholia, Love & 3 Movies.

      An artist always feels depressed sometimes. Even though I don't like that much being considered an artist as the term has ended up being too worn, it's true that people who are forced by nature to create, cause otherwise they couldn't live a life right for them, somehow feel sad and blue for no reason. I cannot quite define why this is happening nor I am saying that I am depressed right now. It is just that this melancholia helps me in a way when I face it from a safe distance. I do claim it as my own but since it is not it cannot hurt me more than it must. Now three of my favorite movies managed to create the same feeling which is quite depressing yet soul-lifting at the same time. And J'adoreday is not linked to something sad, but I hate people who constantly avoid to get hurt. Pain is something you should avoid when it is physically harmful. But you must get emotionally hurt at least once to be able to feel that you are alive. So my point here is firstly to present my current movie genre obsession and to also speak out about how not incorrect and bad is to feel your heart broken into little pieces in the name of love flirt romance or whatever. Keep in mind that in order to appreciate your happy times you must know the difference between them and the bad ones, which requires you've went through both. Love, feel the pain of it, make mistakes, try not to make them again, but if you do feel good for them and move on. I am not a specialist on this field, I am just 17, but I am lucky enough to know that life is more than a pink heart raining cloud and Cupid. If love was not mad it wouldn't be so great, and if it does not drive you "crazy" then it is not love..

Yours faithfully,
Leonidas Villano.

"Never Let Me Go"


"Brokeback Mountain"