Pre-fall 2013 Report

Zac Posen
Now fashion has grown obviously in one of the most commercial/grossing industries ever, resulting in fashion houses now being "obliged" to present 4 collections per year, per sex, which makes it, four womenswear and 4 menswear collections. Even though it is not widely accepted yet that the Pre-fall collections and The resort ones (or cruise) are here to stay and should become each years routine, fashion blogs and magazines cover them as if they are as important as the basic ones, meaning fall/winter and spring/summer, and so will I! The reason why they started out a couple of years ago is because a few front-runners of the industry decided to bridge the gap between fall/winter and spring/summer creating lighter clothes for each period of the year, meaning the light cold days and the light hot ones. We love some extra fashion, we really do, in fact we want as much as you can give us. The thing is, isn't this a kick in the ass of creativity? How many collections will be presented until designers start to pass out one by one out of lack of inspiration?Well, until then check out this year's Pre-fall collections, and no there will be no runway for most of these, as it would be too money consuming for houses other than Chanel to afford!!


Givenchy Womenswear
Givenchy Menswear
Carolina Herrera
Bottega Veneta

Donna Karan

Proenza Schouler

Helmut Lang

Jason Wu
Tory Burch

Nina Ricci

Rachel Comey

Phillim Lim