J'adoreday #5: Noir

Noir is my kind of color. Apparel, deco, all in black. I ain't goth or emo or whatever, I just believe in the chicness of it. So simple, so bold, so me. Color is something that comes from the inside, I always claim. So the outside must be different from what's inside. Like a game of contrast. Yin and yang. The ultimate balance between the Is and the Seems. But because this is a fashion blog, I'll be more specific. Not that I wear black, and black only. I like red, white, grey, camel and light grey-purple, but it always has to be moody. I do not like bright me, nor loud me. So I keep it simple with simple colors, and the attitude gathers the attention itself.  I hate it when people dress loudly because they are boring themselves. Yeah, so that is me pretty much. The guy in black. xo

Leonidas Villano