"Grace: A memoir"

   Grace Coddington, the impeccably talented creative director of American Vogue, has always been one of the silent players in the fashion industry. Our first insight to who Coddington really is, was back in 2009, when "The September Issue" came out, and Grace was unintentionally the main attraction. Not that the whole "making-of of the issue" was not interesting but the romance and retro aura of Grace was truly mind blowing, at least to me. Last month her memoir was released named "Grace: A memoir", and it was quite something for all fashionistas, as it must really be, both historically and vogue-ly speaking, a huge spawn of information and knowledge, from someone that has lived a life as a fashion chameleon, a role-changing romantic that started as a model and worked her way up to becoming the legend that she is. Personally, I am purchasing her memoir for Christmas, and I really am sure, that when I finish reading it, I will be as stunned and 
amazed as I was back in the scene of the Versailles, where Grace showcased her true romantic soul..

                                                                         Leonidas Villano

Book Description:

Beautiful. Willful. Charming. Blunt. Grace Coddington’s extraordinary talent and fierce dedication to her work as creative director of Vogue have made her an international icon. Known through much of her career only to those behind the scenes, she might have remained fashion’s best-kept secret were it not for The September Issue, the acclaimed 2009 documentary that turned publicity-averse Grace into a sudden, reluctant celebrity. Grace’s palpable engagement with her work brought a rare insight into the passion that produces many of the magazine’s most memorable shoots.

With the witty, forthright voice that has endeared her to her colleagues and peers for more than forty years, Grace now creatively directs the reader through the storied narrative of her life so far. Evoking the time when models had to tote their own bags and props to shoots, Grace describes her early career as a model, working with such world-class photographers as David Bailey and Norman Parkinson, before she stepped behind the camera to become a fashion editor at British Vogue in the late 1960s. Here she began creating the fantasy “travelogues” that would become her trademark. In 1988 she joined American Vogue, where her breathtakingly romantic and imaginative fashion features, a sampling of which appear in this book, have become instant classics.

Delightfully underscored by Grace’s pen-and-ink illustrations, Grace will introduce readers to the colorful designers, hairstylists, makeup artists, photographers, models, and celebrities with whom Grace has created her signature images. Grace reveals her private world with equal candor—the car accident that almost derailed her modeling career, her two marriages, the untimely death of her sister, Rosemary, her friendship with Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Liz Tilberis, and her thirty-year romance with Didier Malige. Finally, Grace describes her abiding relationship with Anna Wintour, and the evolving mastery by which she has come to define the height of fashion.

“If Wintour is the Pope . . . Coddington is Michelangelo, trying to paint a fresh version of the Sistine Chapel twelve times a year.”—Time