J'adoreday #1

Vampire fiction.
Since I was really really young I adored fiction in general. Vampire fiction though was my weakest of points. I was always seduced by the fangs and immortality, along with the pale skin, speed and special abilities that come with the night adoration. As I am not a fun of the sunlight and high temperatures (I like it only when it comes to sex hoho) it was cool thinking of how vampires actually "live". Since then I've red and watched so many books and movies that I cannot of course name each and every one of them, so I gathered the basics which are the following:

 Vampire Knight  is an anime / manga that I started watching after one friend recommended it. I love the vampire version of it and the story is breathtaking even though I must admit I am not very into animation when it comes to vampirism.
 Interview with a Vampire. An amazing movie that I adore for its successful transference of several eras in the Big Screen. As I am dying for Film-Noir and la belle epoque and the modernization of it, I love to watch this one again and again. p.s The stars were GREAT! and the fashion even greater.

Twilight Saga. Now that's very unexpected of mine. Those who know me do know that I kind of dislike twilight. The whole romance drama triangle thing revolving around an ugly girl that has no talent and fakes cheat to make a box office success, is actually really bad. But I cannot oversee the Volturi thing and of course the Cullen family. I am a huge fun of all except the protagonists, and I am dying for Jane (Dakota Fanning). So the reason why I am seeing the last movie that is coming out this month is because I heard there is a big deal of Volturi / action in it, and with the bore the last movie was, I need it a lot.

The house of night. I love this book series so much for the ability of the writers to captivate me each time I start reading a book. The plot is amazing and in real time, which makes it really spacial and cool, and I truly am glad that my friend Demetra bought me this one for my name day a few years ago. If you are a fan of teenage situations , vampires ,mystery and Starbucks you should really buy this one!!
 TRUE BLOOD. With capital T R U E   B L O O D. Blood, sex, hunks and femme fatales all in one with the raw nature of the series driving me crazy. Inspiring to the bone, horny-fying to the bone. Pam I love you, and the fashion is so intense. If you haven't seen it yet, please do, you can thank me later.
 Underworld. The ninja vampire thing has me floating on air. I like it much for its action and history, and of course the visuals and clothes. Really really good.

 The Vampire Diaries. I saved the horny triangle series for the end. Maybe my favorite vampire thing, as somehow the story managed to be to the point and always interesting, without getting too far for almost 4 seasons now. Romance, twists and action in a world of seduction and temptation. I am really really really in love with this one.

Dracula. Classic and true to the story of vampirism as it was first introduced. Christopher Lee is impeccable, and the scare is big. Of course my generation cannot appreciate it much for it is based on the taste of people of the previous decades but I think it is to be admitted that it is a very good movie.

Dark Shadows. The box office says it wasn't a very good movie. I say batshit. It was so amazing I was wowed all the time. Tim Burton the master of direction did an amazing job with the 70s along with the costume designer. It was actually more of a fashion movie than a vampire one but that made it even more special to me. The cast was godlike and everyone did his/her part perfectly. Music was so good that I though of 70s a good way for the first time in my life.