8+1 practical leather bags for work and not only

This leather goody is one of my favorite bags out there. Nicola Formichetti introducd this bag a few weeks ago in Paris Fashion Week and then via twitter. You have to adore!!!
 Conquistador Omert√† bag.
The bag of all bags. Firstly, the lining and design is impecable. Secondly its unisex. Which means I can wear it as well. Thirdly the price is logical in comparison to the rest bags. And the name is so seductive its killing me. Omerta is the code of silence, and this bag is the code of silence of the Conquistador race. I am in love. It is available online here:


Givenchy Nightingale 
A very well made leather bag , perfect for creating business-like profile with stylish lining and design. Amazing bag indeed.

Conquistador UNI SQUARE
A combination of luxury, comfort and style, with perfect lining and price. Shop online here:!/~/product/category=1824204&id=8243465
Hermes Birkin bag .
Iconic bag named after Jane Birkin, a bag that stands for wealth and elusiveness due to its CRAZY price ranging from 6000£  to 30.000£ (7358€ to 37.448€ / 9.613$ to 48.065$). First introduced in 1981. 

 Pierre by Balmain.
A bag leathaly comfortable and soft named after the legendary Pierre Balmain. A collaboration between Balmain's creative director, Olivier Rousteing and French jewlery designer Aurélie Bidermann

Bally Rachele Two-Tone Leather Tote 
Bally is well known for its leather goods, and we can see why. Impecably made bag, simple and classic with a twist.

Mulberry Del Rey
Adore Adore Adore!! A classic bag that reminds me of Paris and les petites cafes name after the goddess Lana Del Rey.

YSL Muse 
Well designed and classic, a very good bag indeed, that personally I do not adore for a reason I cannot actually define. While the YSL logo remains, you must now call this bag Saint Laurent Paris Muse... (gosh)

Mulberry Alexa
Named after Alexa Chung. Very business like, very stylish and luxurious. Job well done Mulberry.