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Under the creative direction & ownership of Tassos Sofroniou , Conquistador Menswear introduced a new type of man that came to stay. Rebel as we are, all we needed is clothes that express our personalities in a way that mainstream brands could not. Personally, I was sick of suits and ties and all I wanted was a stylish black sweater that expresses my individuality and satisfies my thirst to outstand in the crowd. Thanks to Tassos, my dream label came to life in 2010 during Vogue's Fashion night out,and with it a whole other philosophy. The idea is the recreation of the modern warrior that travels a lot and style for him is of crucial importance, so what he wears must stand out, be comfortable, easy to wear and of course stylish by its nature. There is no age nor sex that can't wear Conquistador, as everybody deserves to be “high” wearing something uber magique. Cotton combined with “raw” materials such as leather, thick silk, or even metal details are the materials used for the Conquistador clothes, and several ideal techniques that promote singularity and a feel of modern sophistication. Luxury, comfort and style combined together like heaven, but of course you will be wondering what about the prices? Well as I mentioned earlier we are talking about a non-mainstream brand, that came to stay and knows how to break the rules. Tassos Sofroniou did a lifelong research during his career that included collaborations with legendary personalities of the avant guard fashion scene such as the amazing Isabella Blow and her partner in crime, well-known fashion designer Lee McQueen, photographer Richard Avedon and David La Chapelle, and several magazines of huge success. Having a distinctive style and point of view, and knowing exactly what the industry was missing he created a brand that instead of being unaffordable
has actually very logical prices, especially when the clothes themselves scream luxury and wealth.
To me there is no better thing than expressing my joy and admiration about such an innovative designer that changed the way I thought of fashion in a moment of my life that I needed it the most. Sworn Conquista, sworn fashionista, sworn rebel visionaire. And remember. Conquistador ain't just a label, Conquistador is lifestyle.

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