The not so fashionable reality of fashion.

When the lights go off, and you get a backstage "all access" card, you realise that fashion is not what is seems to be, and being a part of it has nothing to do with how many Chanel 2.55 you own.

I was born with the blessing of fashion as a means of living. And it truly is the only thing I imagine myself being happy with. But then again fashion has nothing to do with being all happy and joyful.Yves Saint Laurent, the epitome of fashion extraordinaire, stated in the past that fashion was his curse. He couldn't live without it, but it made him miserable. That's how fashion works I believe. At least when you are interested in the essence of it rather than the buzz and flash lights. 
Following: some of the reasons why..

Do lotz, get lost.

Watching a fashion show from your sometimes comfortable seat or on might seem entertaining as vogue but the truth is things are not quite as good and harmonious behind the curtains. And most of the times the things you have to do are pretty much everything while someone in charge will be smoking and yelling at you ordering for things all at once. Out of ambition alone you will deliver. You will do every single thing you've been asked to do.. but since you are a human being you will of course make a single mistake for which you're gonna be blamed for a lifetime. It's true that when you do lotz no one will praise you or put you to bed, but when you're wrong you might as well chop your head off before your employer does. (an employer who won't pay you to be exact).

Internship is the new ombre.

It's all good and sparkly at first, when you are being asked to help over at a studio, or write a few pieces per month for an online magazine etc. You are finally doing what you always wanted to, minus getting paid. And then you are finally done with your first internship for which you had to carry twice a dozen things to work by bus of course because you don't own a car to begin with, and you believe you are halfway there to becoming Anna Wintour's new anorexic assistant. But you won't. In order to intern for a magazine such as Madame Figaro, you must intern somewhere else before and so on. So it's like interning in order to intern somewhere better, up the scale to earning someday in your 30s some much needed money to pay your student loan. 

Flirt? What flirt?

If you are unlucky enough to be a girl, just forget about flirting in your workplace and around the parties for all you're going to get is a man who might own the same heels as you do. If you are a boy then good luck with finding time for stuff other than working as a dog. At least from where I stand time is nonexistent for a full grown relationship to be developed. And it's ok, I'm only 18. But then again from what I've been told and heard, artists never get that at a full extent. I don't wanna be pessimistic but it's true. And examples like Tom Ford and Michael Kors, who are both married and living happily ever after, are first of all businessmen (or businessmen alone, in the Kors case) and then creators.

Love me some anorexia nevrosa. 

Wonder why people in fashion are so skinny? Well not all of them, but most of them are. It's anxiety and lack of time causing it. The amount of things you are supposed to do in so little time won't even allow your mind to think you're hungry. Bad thing that is, but it is also very true. Sometimes,and I'm telling you I'm all about eating things all the time, I almost forget I have to eat and just keep on working until I'm done. 

Invest in dept. 

For those lucky to be of some certain financial aid family studying fashion is harmless, at least to their LV wallets. Same with those who got a scholarship. The rest can either get a loan not to be paid soon or get a job in a society which offers nothing more than a waitress post. In case your fashion collage is harsh as f*ck that means you have to be a zombie for the next 3 years only to start doing what I already analysed in the internship as the new ombre part. In case getting a loan is the only way, well good luck with that. I mean it's not like fashion will repay you soon. Get real.

All that glitters.

Demystifying is your number one process since you get in the business. Clothes do not matter as they did. People do not matter as they did. From the moment you get behind the retouch, there is no retouch fooling you. That's not necessarily bad, but according to your expectations of a j'adore world of creation and artistry it certainly is a kick in the ass. 

In fashion one day you are in, and the next day.. you're out. 

Heidi Klum has no sense of style or whatsoever but she has a quote worth my while. It's true. In fashion one day you are in (watch Galliano from 1995 to 2011) and the next day or few years later you are out for good (watch Galliano now). And it's not like Mr.Tacky Dior is the only example I have there to offer. This happens to everyone, from high-end designers to editors etc. Fashion does not forgive. To fashion you are a disposable beacon of ideas to be marketed and thrown away first thing in the morning.

These are some of the backdrops. And trust me there are twice as much. But in the end it's up to you to get away with most of these and use every single backdrop for your own benefit. Par example? Get that scholarship. Get a job at retail which means you won't have to intern as much when searching for a fashion job. Flirt  on weekends. Eat while cutting a skirt. Make no mistakes, and if you do feel sorry for them. It takes a lot of sacrifice and self-doubt in order to get there. To being the guy smoking and yelling. Not that you have to become that exactly. But keep in mind, the guy smoking had no time to flirt, sleep or smoke when he was all young and anxious like you are. There is always a price to pay and if fashion is your own blessing and curse then there is nothing you can do but dance to the rhythm.