Dear Rooney,

My mind stops every time I look at her weird presence. She is not an It girl. She is not even a casual celebrity. Maybe for herself, she is nothing more than an actress, doing her job. For me though, she is, since day one, an absolute muse, in her own, ever weird way.

I first saw her in The Social Network. But the boom came with David Fincher's version of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. A legendary book series, in a film adaptation that evokes every single emotion in the exact portion that one needs to be utterly captivated. Needless to say I've watched it more than ten times. Undeniably talented as hell, she is not only an ultimate goddess behind her blitched eye brows and dark, punk-driven hair. In the "Side-effects" she is just as to die for, true to this weird beauty that mostly spawns from within. For the red-carpet she keeps it simple. For her every-day life, the same. No wonder why she was chosen by Francisco Costa (creative director of Calvin Klein for 10 years now) to be the face of the maison's new fragrance "Downtown". 

One has to be daring to wear Mugler at the Oscars. But she did. Loves Givenchy, obviously Calvin Klein, and everything that comes in black and white. She states that advertisements are not her thing, but with the Downtown ad, not only I wanna buy the perfume for my mother, but I also wanna grab a pair of Klein boxers. 

Dear Rooney,
Just live on. That's enough.

(watch the ad campaign video directed by David Fincher by clicking: here!)

Discover some of my favorite fashion moments of my beloved weird Rooney:

The images are taken from fashion editorials for Vogue and W Magazine, 
and the film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"