ZARA basics shopping guide for fall.

Fall is finally here and along with tea, woolen pieces of desire crawl out of the closet and straight onto us. Shirts, jackets, pants, undergarments, full on layering, boots, gloves, beanies, huge bags. Winter has it all. But do you? 

Since day one I said more than ten times that women of our times lack the basics. Sometimes I look back on the restrictions of the wartime 40s with nostalgia, cause honestly when budget is short, our search for style becomes more clear and sophistication gets a must-have lift. It's sad that some women do not get to wear coats these days. Gloves are about to get extinct really, and not to mention the old-time-classic j'adore white shirt which I haven't seen on a girl live for a long, long time!

I'll skip the whining part and go straight for the clothes. Under each image I will explain the reason why I pick each piece, and I hope that most of you will get, or already have some of these, as I need a stylish winter at last, with women walking down the streets dressed in simplicity rather than floral baroque-ness which they don't even get or know how to pull off.

1. The Coat : They say a man can provide the warmest and safest of hugs, but apparently those who say that haven't discovered winter coats yet. In earth tones and simple cuts, it is your dearest of allies in any occasion, from work to night-outs. Its simplicity makes it easy to combine with nearly anything which is why you must own one.

2. The updated coat: You can never go wrong with black. Same as the first one, this is a versatile piece which can be worn with everything you own. A must have.

3. The Parka:  Militaire driven, casual and urban. The Mods wore it to protect their Italian suits from dust when riding vespas, but you are not a Mod, are you? A parka is a sophisticated version of the casual jacket. It has a classic factor to it which lifts it from just a town jacket to something more.  Suitable for day, it is also a versatile piece that you can combine with either separates or even a day-dress. 

4. The blazer dress: Classy and fabulous. Chanel's recipe to greatness. Take a blazer and a dress, give it a twist and there you have it. A piece that is as playful as a dress, but as chic and serious as a blazer. Ideal for work, urban cool for the street, this piece can get you anywhere. Worn with a warm shirt on the inside, with skinny jeans, pants, bare leg or with stockings, it is a must-have all women should own.

5. The Little Black dress 01: A full-on 60s dress, a symbol of versatility. This little black dress does daywear and nightwear. You can wear this with a shirt on the inside. Any kind of shirt. According to the pattern, or the color of the shirt you give your outfit a whole different look, and the cool thing about it is you can wear it all year long. Will you resist?

6. The Little Black Dress 02: Sophisticated with a twist. A classic design, again something you can combine with any kind of shoes and coat, it has a sexy cut out back that you can't help but adore! 

7: The Casual dress: For work, shopping, lunch out, a walk in the park, anything really, this dress is a symbol of comfort. Grey is the kind of color that loves everything. And I mean everything. For the youth, this can also be worn in collage or school, if you feel like styling up the place a bit. You need this!

8: A White Shirt: I'm crying over this. It is the most chic thing designers gave to women. I mean look at it. Now I picked this because I think that it flatters all types of women. Then again it's up to you to choose which collar you like the most, which fabric etc. Not only this can be worn with everything you have, but it is also necessary to pull of some of your other outfits. Get one, please!

9: The Sweater: With either jeans shorts, maxi, midi, mini skirts, naked, or in underwear, a sweater is a passepartout. Go for a monochrome one and you'll never get bored with it, I promise. 

10. Pencil Skirt: You need a black one. You do. You can dress this up with a shirt, or dress it down with a casual t-shirt. From day to night, it has to be part of your closet. 

11. Pants: A black pair is necessary. Choose the material yourselves, but I recommend something dense and neutral so that you can dress it up or down according to the occasion. 

12: The Jeans: It is called Jeans because bottoms in English are plural. You DO NOT have to own 10.000 pairs of jeans. It is so infuriating how women always complain about not having a good pair of jeans when in fact each time they buy one they buy it because it's a good one. Gosh! It is such a waste of money. Go for one classic blue pair of jeans. And that's it. You don't need every single hue. You don't!

13: Opaque mid-thigh-high socks: It's cool, it's fun, it's anime-inspired and it sexes you up a bit. Not only you can make a fashion-statement but you can wear this on the inside of your jeans or pants for extra warmth during winter. It's also cheap so go for it.

14: The IT bag: Celine, LV and Alexander Wang bags are great, but we don't always have a budget for these. So opt for a black leather one in a very classic design that can carry you from office to dinner. Obviously you can match this with everything.

15. Hell Yeah Heels!: Black leather in classic design. Why? Well, I think I mentioned it 2000 times already. Versatility!

16. Ballerinas: Pointed ones because they are more of a statement, in a neutral tone to serve its basic purpose. Day to night. Your feet love these and you do as well.

17: Ankle Boots: A bit of edge, practicality above all and black and white because we want something we can easily combine. I love these, and they might not be that necessary but they are j'adore!

18: Gloves: GET A PAIR NOW! That's all :)
19: Boots: It's winter, they are black. Need I say more? No.