KENZO spring/summer 2014 collection review.

KENZO is one of these labels that by re-inventing themselves made their presence felt and needed! For the past few seasons the Parisian brand is considered a cult amongst not only the fashion forward, but also amongst the youth takers, ranging from sk8ters to fashion aware teenagers across the globe. 

It first begun with the ingenious promotion of sweatshirts. A once thought low-fashion concept now has become the ultimate of trends, seen everywhere from New York fashion week to avant-garde London and demanding Paris. Kenzo saw it coming! and the marketing technique they were about to follow would turn out to be an utter triumph. Recognition! They took the sportswear labels' method of selling and used it as the core of their collections, introducing symbols that screamed Kenzo all over their pieces. First came the tigers. Asian driven, true to the label's origins, in bold color combinations and fashion-forward fabrics such as neoprene, they were simply "It" for the new wave of logo-ism emerging from 2012 and peaking as we speak. For their current collection came the lotus eye, an instant hit that everyone wants to own. But Kenzo did not simply enter the world of street style and created a need for the masses by just doing the above. It was their collaboration with Vans and several other high-street labels, already adorned by the youth that gave Kenzo that image of the approachable high-end label, and of course the prices that are considerably low in comparison to other Parisian maisons. 

For spring/summer 2014 though, it seems like Humberto Leon & Carol Lim decided to go a little bit more high-end, always staying true to the spirit that brought them success as creative directors for the house. Inspired, as it seems, by post-impressionism and somewhat the paintings of Van Gohg, the decided to play with a rather summer-ish theme, that of the sea. For coming season, tigers return to the wild and fish jump out of the water and straight onto your j'adore outfits. 

With on-your-face colors, the whole collection looked like a printed painting or sketch. Interesting cut-outs, light fabrics, some environmentally friendly slogans and the all-time-classic Asian layering formed an overall graphic collection that I personally loved! 

I really love it when brands like Kenzo, which was established back in the early 1970s, make such a strong come-back and instead of just being clung to the past, go forward instead, always true to the brand's philosophy, giving us nostalgic people chills season after season!!