Isabel Marant's tragic collection for H&M.

My face right now is like Meryl Strip's in The Devil Wears Prada when her starbucks wasn't there. Disappointed as hell, I clicked through the Isabel Marant collection for H&M on (which tragically posed the question "Isabel Marant's collection for H&M is the coolest yet?"), trying hard to keep my eyes open until this selection of basic to tacky designs were finally over so that I could have an objective opinion. Seriously, what kind of joke is this?

Well, it's not like I heard Marant for H&M and went crazy. Besides I am not a huge fun of the whole boho ethnic look of hers and her weird fringes placed everywhere from torsos to backs to sleeves and so on. But then again I thought that maybe she, out of all the previous collaborations, would match a fast fashion's store attempt to go high-end, due to her overall minimal approach which undoubtedly can work for the mass market as well. Don't get me wrong, I love minimal. But nothing, ain't minimal. Nothing is nothing.

This is nothing..

Let alone the tragic t-shirts and shirts, then you have some coats going on. Basic ones which you can buy from H&M and Zara since the early 00s, but with the Isabel Marant for H&M tag on them.

So because most of the collection is like she was bored to sketch and told the designing team of H&M to do what they want, she put the least of efforts in order to present us these super comfy, full-on Marant driven knit sweaters with multi colored fringes, that are weird, not always in a good way. Some old-fashioned shoes and leggings, leather look-alike pants, true to the spirit of Zara's current collection (which is true to the spirit of Hedi Slimane's designs for Saint Laurent Paris) and the copy paste list goes on an on. The main issue remains the same. Lack of imagination. And as Miranda would say... "That's all".

Well I would love to smile but this makes me wanna cry actually.
That's Isabel Marant yes.

All women need some tacky boots to go with their fringed sweaters.