Unoriginal is the NEW! black.

A mod in the 60s.
Mary Quant designs
back in the 60s.
The answer is no. You haven't fall and hit your head in the corner of your doorstep before reading this article. These squares do exist, and they are all printed in huge publications such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle etc...
So let's claim that between different titles the look that makes it to the cover remains unknown until the day of release, which would partly justify the fact that so many different magazines have the same cover.. what about same titles of different countries having the same cover? Is Wintour mad at Emmanuelle Alt or something? Don't they talk? What about Glenda Bailey at Harper's? How come and same titles have the same Louis Vuitton outfit consisted of (hold your breath) SQUARES!? First of all the look is so NOT new. I mean come on. 60s full on. Sorry Marc but I am sure it took less than a day for this collection to be at least "conceived" and sketched. So unless LVMH paid for the outfit to attack the press, because we are talking about a full on invasion, I can't imagine why this craze took place in 2013. Squares. Just squares. How original, especially when there is such a collection of beautiful, different and so new age collections to pick from. It makes me sick really, thinking of the amount of money these people make by doing nothing but stealing an outfit right from the catwalk to the front of a magazine without making the least of efforts styling it up with something that would at least change it a little bit. And at the same time, creative people, with amazing ideas that could only push forward the boundaries of the currently narrow minded/mainstream fashion do not always get the chance to work in the industry because the "veterans" anchored their seats to a one way trip to innovation catastrophe. So being a person that mostly wears black, I'm telling you, if that LV square thing is the new black.. I will be wearing hot pink real soon.