The most iconic rubber boots*

Rubber boots have always been a fashion essential. Utilitarian or not, here you have 5 of the most iconic rubber boots in history...

1. Louis Vuitton. The old time classic rubber boots never looked sexier!! High heeled, in the most cool metallic colors, they were the most highly desired piece back in 2011, showcased in dozens of editorials around the world making the hugest of impacts. This successful design that evokes a "killer", heroine vibe was part of LV's fall/winter collection for 2011/12.

 2. Dr.Martens. Conceived back in the 1940s by a doctor of the German Army they went through different stages until their UK patent rights were sold to the British firm Griggs, the company which gave them the famous look we love to adore till now. Black and Cherry red versions made from rubber at first and now a whole bunch of colors and materials form the old time classic boots that were also adopted by Punks in the late 70s, early 80s. Jean-Paul Gaultier collaborated with the company for his fall/winter collection back in 2009 designing a strong pair of high-desirable boots  (left), making Dr.Martens an official piece of the multi-billion dollar company rather than a solely street style/subcultural one.

3. Quant Afoot. Mary Quant's footwear line was an overnight success. She introduced rubber boots in bright, eye-catching colors with a very smart design, including a zipper that could transform them from high boots to ankle ones. For the youthtakers of the swinging 60s this was a revelation, although they were practically uncomfortable.

4. HUNTER. For a hundred and fifty years the Scottish company creates these iconic boots. Back in their origins they were used for what else but hunting. During the years of war the company was asked by the British Army to manufacture boots suitable for blooded trenches. As the years went by the Hunter boots became a symbol of the casual countryside look and also a helping "leg" for the ever rainy days of the United Kingdom. This style was brought to the streets more than ever the past 13 years, with a huge boost back in 2011. When it comes to rubber boots in a simple flat design, Hunter will always be the favorite choice of style/trend setters and the rest of the world can't help but follow course.