Live the new version!

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often." - Winston Churchill
Rebel Visionaire has been the ultimate fashion journey for me the past 10 months. An idea that begun very suddenly and eventually grew to my favorite webspace. A platform, on which I'd practice my writing skills, sharpen my fashion sense, and most of all get prepared, by all means, for my fashion studies starting next month.
Throughout this journey I carried with me, my one and only guardian angel. My fashion twin. My Isabella Blow. My Emilie. She's been the ultimate source of inspiration for me since day #1, contributing to this Vision with her own column, "The Glamour Report". Our goal was, and still is, to deliver to you quality articles, inspire you in the best way possible and speak our minds freely, about this form of art, which we grew up to adore... Vogue. 

We believe in evolution of change. To us discovering who we truly are, day by day, is a quest, by which we make progress & along with us our vision, Rebel Visionaire. The new version is a representation of the simplicity with which we would like to highlight our identity, focusing on the context on a 100% scale. Professionalism has been since the very beginning our main concern, trying to put out serious work for you to enjoy. You can now read our posts while listening to inspiring tunes and connect with us, therefore creating a Style unity.

Sincerely yours,