Interview with: MILEX.

Milex is Polish, living and studying in Bradford, UK. His blog,, is the ultimate style experience. Unique and just as provocative as one should be, Milex poses in his ever stylish apparel and stuns us every single time. Lots of layering, a Rick Owens/Ann Demeulemeester vibe and beautiful British-urban sights is the recipe of his inspiring work. Every post is a story, for which the garments do the talk. The blog is around for something less than two years (started in February 2012), and I discovered it a few months ago. Since then I am a huge fan and I have been trying to find the best way to introduce him to you, as I think he is too inspiring to miss out! Therefore I proposed for an interview via chat, which he gladly accepted, a really interesting peek into "His World... I mean style." Enjoy!