Sales time. Pay attention!

July the 14th was my birthday so some extra cash was at hand for me to go shopping just yesterday, the first day of summer sales here in Greece. It's crazy how cheap things are these days, but what's more crazy is that I found pieces I got for their full price in half that off. But don't get too excited because shopping can be a therapy but it can also be your wardrobes enemy if you are not wise enough! 

I truly recommend that you don't go on a shopping spree without having exactly what you want and mostly need in your mind. Thus you will be able to avoid all those cheap things available to you, which most of the times you don't really need, and go straight for what will turn up to be practical and truly handy for you. That does not necessarily mean that you can't buy something you'll fall in love with and haven't thought of before, but you have to stay true to your style and aesthetic cause bargains are good, but quite derailing, tricking us into thinking that we must get everything that is frankly cheap as hell cause that's the only chance we'll ever get. That I call,the sales anxiety.

Try searching online first, in stores like Zara and Massimo Dutti for basics, which should mostly be your focus in sales. The lack of basics in one's wardrobe is the workhorse for most style desperations, meaning the "I have nothing to wear!!" crisis. In case you are an #Homme, get a nice crisp shirt with the collar that fits you the most and opt for quality products, mostly made out of cotton. Avoid synthetics like polyester. Some tailored pants or shorts can be quite useful and easily styled. You can't go wrong with a striped t-shirt , so if Chanel's marine vibe suits you go for it. A pair of derbies maybe and you're all set with a whole bunch of possibilities and options for a stylish everyday life. Now #femmes I've given you tons of advice when it comes to what you must have, in this particular post right here: : .
Ouf! I did my part people. Now it's your turn to prove worthy of my advice and shop wise and smart!!!