The Fashion Wannabes.

"Gucci Gucci, Louis Louis, Fendi Fendi, Prada" sings Kreayshawn and vanity smiles rise upon every single lady's Chanel retouched face. This is maybe one of the smartest marketing techniques I have ever seen, not that I have seen a lot to be honest (being something less than 18). I recently watched a BBC documentary on Haute Couture that was so old that Isabella Blow was still smiling to the camera. But it was quite enlightening to be honest, so here I am to offer you my recently acclaimed knowledge! You will be wondering I'm sure, who's actually buying Haute Couture these days? Sometimes you will think the exact same thing for ready-to-wear lines as well, and the answer is simple. Rich women do. It is not them though that keep luxury brands from falling to pieces, but we, the sometimes broke people who simply can't help but crave for things that are over evaluated but somehow, in our narrow minds give us the sense that we belong to this extravagant world of high fashion. In other words, unaffordable fashion, for example a Chanel Jacket designed by Lagerfeld and tailored at Lesage's, automatically becomes affordable if you can afford Chanel No5. To women it is not the piece that you wear that sets your status high but the label there is on it. Same works with cosmetics, bags, scarves and shoes. You get what you can but all that matters is having the double "C" written on you, even though you never wondered why Chanel even chose that as her logotype. And the reality check always comes at the end of my articles and most of the times is a kick in the.. Louis Vuitton rubber boots maybe? 
So here it is. 
No woman can be chic in Dior if she can't be chic out of Dior. You do not need a label to be considered part of the fashion world, cause to the actual fashion world labels were never a great deal. I mean come on. We found god in gypsies style. What makes you think you will trick us with some YSL mascara?