Is The Fashion Press history?

Ironic this is, truly, since I am choosing to talk about a topic which is actually kind of against the e-press, using the e-press, but that's the only way I've got to speak my mind as loud as possible. I don't know if it just me, but lately I have been feeling like the actual fashion press is slowly dying. Not into sales and how they work to be honest, and I surely have no links to mega publication enterprises such as conde nast to be able to talk numbers, but somehow I can tell that press is losing interest.
But where does the responsibility lay? Is it the web or is it the bore of the pages themselves? The economic crisis? Slimane on the lead of YSL? Formichetti's departure from Mugler? 
Will the fashion press fade away after 320 years of existence? and if so, what then?
Being just 17 I was raised with a laptop on top of my legs, and the ability to search the web just like a fashion oriented spider. In 2013, you can find every single editorial, interview, even unpublished photograph on the web in nano seconds. In fact, the magazines themselves offer them to you unconditionally! You just click and there you have it! Mario Testino, Grace Coddington, Dello Russo.. hundreds of hours of work for people like them, a click away for us to enjoy. And while the allure of "Buy your own copy" is seductive to some of us still, who would give 5 dollars to get a magazine when nowadays you can spend that little to get your one copy paste of a Kenzo t-shirt at H&M. It breaks my heart to admit, but fashion as we knew it or at least think we did, is long gone, and the 2020s are all about Internet and fast fashion. Have you ever wondered why all magazines now have a site? The advertisements on the sites will start grossing more than the ones on the printed issue and soon the only page you will be able to touch and change is the one on your iPad. Think of the amount of stuff that won't be necessary after the press says bye! Benefit all the way. And while this sounds harmless to the readers, taking under consideration the fact that everything will still be available + free, we, people of the industry or soon to be on it, have to face the music. Of course one can always adapt, but do we want to? And even if we don't, what is it that we can do to deter it from happening? What should a young stylist do if he can't find a job in the industry and his only way to earn a living is to have his own blog, which would eventually help the e-press, while destructing the actual one? We are in a maze that twists and turns, fashion is, along with everything else right now, so I guess we must change.

 Maybe I am too romantic, refusing to let go of my illustrious Vogue pages, maybe I should embrace the screen a bit more. But until the geniuses of this world figure out a way to make my screen feel like the soft printed pages of a magazine, and add this amazing scent to it.. I will buy my copies every month, and I will respect the photographers, stylists, models, and thousands of people that work for it.. out of respect for something that might not be considered art, but in my heart will always be..