Designer Profile: Daniel Palillo

 Since 2006, Daniel Palillo, the talented Helsinki-based designer, has managed to create a name for himself through a series of collections that are both eye-catchy and amazing. Driven by symbols and monsters of the world in which he loves to live in, he designs oversized clothes, creating new figures, with each having a story to tell. This story continues as the collections go on, creating a storyline of everyday lived experiences. Pencil graphics, cutouts and of course the use of patchworks are some of the signature techniques of the Palillo label, mostly adored and embraced by the most alternative fashion icons of our time including Lady Gaga and Jessie J and of course magazines such as Vogue, i-D, Elle, WAD magazine, VICE, and the Fader.

Personally I find Palillo's work quite extraordinary! His taste in style and the color / graphic combinations that he creates are unique! It also reminds me of a "Watchmen" era, just like the Comedian started his own line. It's really unique, and at the end of the day, that is what a brand should be. Alternative, unique and to the point. Cheers for Daniel Palillo, a true artist that dares to cross the limits of the mainstream fashion scene and actually creates limits of his own.

You can find Daniel Palillo clothes in selected stores around the world.
Leonidas Villano