#Movie: Never Let Me Go

In an alternate 1980, Kathy H, Ruth and Tommy grow up in a strange  institute carefree and ignorant of what lurks in the shadows of their sad future. Creating bonds, betraying each other, losing their faith and hopes, they try to lead as best they can, their short lives filled with sorrow and moral injustice. Obliged to go through a series of organ "donations" they finally complete at the age of 30. In this madness of technology advance moral questions are set on the table. Clones, their use, and whether they deserve or not to be treated as soulless fruits for harvesting..

Mark Romanek does and exquisite job directing the movie, with such a soft and blaze touch,so simple yet so captivating. Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield, talented and blessed with infinitive charisma manage to impersonate the characters to the highest extent. Costumes and sets all done beautifully and matched like heaven.

Even though I am not the kind of person that loves movies that are quite strange and undefined, I did enjoy this one both emotionally and visually. The bitter feeling that accompanied me throughout and after the movie was one of the most constructive feelings that cast you into a state of moral reflection and self definition. Definitely one of my favorites, though not for the light-hearted / "wanna see blood and sharks" kind of people.