Fashion Sucks. Let's get obese (women and their excuses)

My motive for this article is H&M 's fat display dolls in Sweden and it's all about women and their excuses and complaints on fashion's role models that promote anorexia to healthy lifestyle. There is no chance that you haven't heard a woman going "Check out her legs! They are so thin, she is gonna fall apart" referring to a model. And while it is to be admitted that most models are way too thin, that is for no reason at all an excuse for the gluttonous lifestyle that anti-fashionistas promote and embrace. I mean hello! Have you seen David Gandy? Have you seen David Beckham? Have you ever heard a man going: "Oh gosh look at them! Let's go grab some KFC and become fat as hell." The answer is no. And no of course, because we, in contrast to you divas, are not drama queens that whine about everything. Cara Delevingne is a goddess. She is slim and gorgeous because that is her job and because her genes were quite more generous. The fact that you may not be able to be as slim or as beautiful as she is does not make you ugly and most certainly does not make Cara a bad role model. In fact the term fashion model has nothing to do with a role model to begin with. A fashion model is supposed to be the type of woman that comes as closer to perfect as possible, always depending on the employer's taste, so that she can be the best "canvas" to work on. So being Dolce & Gabbana you can either choose a fat, bald , old man to advertise your boxers, or hire David Gandy instead. No one can be as beautiful as he is but we can't start blaming fashion for that. Same works for women. You can have Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue or you can ask Honey Boo Boo's mother instead. Aesthetic is too important for people to start playing with it in the name of womanity and tolerance. We tolerate and accept every one's bodies. At least I do. But it is my eyes' right not to see fat dolls advertising bad H&M underwear. The irritating part is that everyone cheered up for the Swedish fast fashion chain being so open minded and accepting, but the thing is that the under wears themselves were awful. So before going all proud and loud about going against fashion's prescripts, you should first wonder. Is it all about you being a bit curvy? Is it worth fighting something you call an anorexic role model by becoming an obese one? And instead of whining all the time why don't you sing up for yoga or something? Maybe because fashion has become a scapegoat. "I'm not going to the gym just because Vogue said that slim and masculine is in fashion". OK girl, whatever you say! Good luck with the stairs and with zipping these hot pants next summer!