Space Age. Shopping now, from the past, for the future.

Back in 1957, the first artificial Earth Satellite was created by the Russians to explore what's beyond the boundaries of our planet. And thus begun a new era, also known as Space age, a race of technological advances between world's biggest Nations. Fashion has always been motivated by political and cultural changes, and the futurism of Space Age was quite a source of inspiration for artists such as AndrĂ© Courrèges, Paco Rabanne and a lot more, driving them into a creating spree of surrealistic collections, depicting space and future in a very unique way. While I would love to analyze that era and how everything back then, from deco and architecture to food and luxury goods in general, was influenced by the exploration of what was still unknown, I think images speak a thousand words. So I hope you enjoy the fashion ride and shop away cause the prices are really really good and the results stylish and truly fashion forward!!!
Leonidas Villano

1.ZARA coat 69,95 EUR, 2. Watch by Swatch, 3) ZARA dress 29,95 EUR, 4. ZARA shoes 39,95 EUR.
1. ZARA skirt 49,95 EUR, 2. ZARA sweater 19,95 EUR. 3. Alexander Wang  sharp edge cat-eye sunglasses
1. ZARA skirt 35,95 EUR, 2. ZARA sweater 49,95 EUR, 3. ZARA shoes 39,95 EUR.
1. ZARA coat 69,95 EUR, 2. ZARA pants 49,94 EUR, 3. ZARA sweatshirt 27,95 EUR, 4. ZARA shoes 39,95.

1. ZARA top 39,95 EUR. 2. ZARA pants 39,95 EUR.

1. ZARA shirt 35,95 EUR, 2. ZARA wedges 39,95 EUR.