Oscars 2013: Who made it to my Well Dressed list?

Cinema is a passion of mine along with fashion and art in general, so the Oscars is something I am always semi excited about. Semi because unfortunately where I live, I do not get to watch it live and then again there are years that the nominations are totally cray cray. For 2013, things were quite fair, at least I think so, and the results very very satisfying. Ann Hathaway, Adele, and Jennifer Lawrence, three women I adore managed to get their Oscars so I couldn't be happier. But we are here for the fashion, no? While a lot of the femmes made it out of the pile of the fail dressed, with Kristen Stewart not being one of them, things were quite boring, quite mainstream and so on. So I picked those who put a little more effort to walk the red carpet, leaving out a lot of the so called best dressed, cause to me being just ok / boring has nothing to do with Well.

Leonidas Villano

Olivia Munn in Marchesa. Fierce if you ask me. A wow moment indeed. Love love this. I also love Marchesa, I think that when you have a slim body Marchesa can easily make you look like heaven. 

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture.  Raf Simons was indeed a big winner this year.  The award winning lady looks stunning. Maybe it's a little bit too much, I can't say I was not confused about whether I love this or not, but then again she is so gorgeous I had to include her, plus she got the Oscar being just 20 years old!

Adele in Jenny Packham. Well I can't help but adore Adele as a being in general but what I think is great and we should congratulate her stylist/s for is that she manages to look very very chic and ok in gowns, avoiding to look huge. I am not saying she is fat, I love her, but by the time you are not slim you have a hard time pickng clothes for a red carpet appearance. So bravo for that! 

Catherine Zeta Jones in Zuhair Murad looking stunning. I love a femme fatale that is ageless and so fierce. Confidence full on. 

The Goddess Charlize Theron in Dior. Well Raf Simons must be really happy about this one.  

Jane Fonda in Vercace. With the carrie diaries controlling my thoughts hands etc.  I somehow loved this 80s Vercace appearance. Jane reminds me of something carefree and very fun. Love love love.

While everyone is VERY boring in their suits and ties (no that wasn't a Justin Timberlake promo) ,  Eddie Redmayne looking uber HAWT in Alexander McQueen. I adore his suede sleepers, just the right twist for a red carpet well dressed moment.