#Movie: Suckerpunch

Everybody loves a great movie, and when it comes to what I love then things get complicated. I am not interested in the reputation of the cast. I want skilled actors and actresses that make me feel comfortable. But what I mostly care about in a movie is the direction and costumes.
So apart from Tim Burton who it's easy to imagine I adore, I also am dying for Zack Snyder's movies. He is a genius and I truly am captivated from all that he has done both as a writer and a director. So Suckerpunch, which is my favorite of his movies is a great surrealistic action drama, with killer costumes and a great sense of fashion in it. The hidden messages included are great and very important and I think it is worth all it's 110 minutes. I am dying for the cast also. So if you like what you see on this very blog please do watch this movie, for I am sure you will love it as well. Enjoy.
Leonidas Villano